White Quinoa

Description White Quinoa

In the quechua language the incas called it “chisiya mama” which means “the mother of all seeds”. Even though they did not have the scientific labs that we have at present, how did they know this seed was the main one, the most important one? The wisdom of the incas noticed only the evident: this food is very nutritious. Whoever eats it on a frequent basis will have a good health. And it is so true! Eating quinoa frequently strengthens the immune system (more resistance against illnesses), it increases the muscle mass, tones up the bones…In Agrícola La Candelaria S.A. we go all the way permanently in having high quality quinoa that –according to lab tests performed on our harvests- contains a minimum of 16% protein and 17 essential amino acids, that are in the core of the seed. Therefore, nothing is lost when the skin is taken away. Our White quinoa, of the Altiplano variety, is farmed under the Good Agricultural Practices philosophy because the “chisiya mama” must be treated with all due respect!

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